Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company is a subsidiary of Bramco Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Brandeis, together with its sister company, Power Equipment Company, constitutes one of the largest construction and mining equipment distribution networks in the United States. Together they have fourteen branches throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas. Brandeis offers the most complete line of mining and construction equipment and services available. We are committed to doing what it takes to make superior product support a reality. Our goal is to help you, our customers, to reduce costs and to provide you with complete product satisfaction. Brandeis can help you by . . . focusing on solutions!

We recognize that all customers are not the same. Each requires unique solutions to their specific needs. Being in business since 1908, and involved in Total Quality Management since 1990, Brandeis recognizes the need to treat each customer on an individual basis.

In 2008, in conjunction with our 100 year anniversary, a book outlining the history of Brandeis was published. To view this book online, click here.

Mission Statement

Brandeis’ mission is to sell, rent and service construction, mining and related handling/processing equipment to a wide variety of customers when working in Kentucky and Indiana.

Statement of Principles

How we do it

We value organizational performance excellence in all we do.

  • We don’t lie, cheat or steal. We obey the law.
  • We treat everyone with respect and care.
  • We aggressively promote the manufacturers we represent, their products and our services.
  • We continually seek out and implement new and better ways of creating value for our customers. We will settle for nothing less than to be the preferred supplier to our customers and to prove we’re the best in the business.
  • We run a tight ship, and take pride in giving our investors a fair return on their investment.

The Bramco Way

In the role of Brandeis’ parent company, Bramco Inc. endorses and promotes a Total Quality Management (TQM) operating philosophy we refer to as the “Bramco Way”. The Bramco Way is how we manage our day-to-day business through fact-based decision making to meet our customers’ needs. The Bramco Way is based on five fundamental building blocks:

Focus on Our Customers

Everyone in our organization understands that our success is dependent on our ability and willingness to listen to and meet our customers’ needs.


Everyone in our organization realizes business needs change continuously and therefore must be innovative to fill customers’ needs.

Continuous Improvement

Everyone in our organization understands that we must improve our competitive advantage by using fact-based problem solving methods, tools and techniques.

Total Participation

Individually or in teams everyone in our organization is committed to serving our customers and participating in continuous improvement activities.

Mutual Learning

We are a member of the Center for Quality of Management (CQM) which is an international non-profit organization of like-minded companies committed to the TQM philosophy. CQM provides mutual learning opportunities between members through open sharing of management practices, courses, networking events, and a wide range of user and study groups to create new learning.


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